Best Gaming Keyboard 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Gaming KeyboardAre you searching for a gaming keyboard that will enhance your gaming experience tenfold? Look no further. This list will help you discover the best gaming keyboards that are out there in the market.

Why are Gaming keyboards even required? The gaming keyboard not only helps you to enhance your gaming experience, but it also helps in developing your gaming skills and also helps you in overcoming your opponents quite easily. How? This is because of the highly responsive keys and functions of the gaming keyboards.

The list that we have compiled is based on the huge amount of reviews we went through from different online retailers. Furthermore, the list is comprised in such a way that you can find the best mechanical keyboard, best budget gaming keyboard, best RGB gaming keyboard and of course the best keyboard for gaming under one list.

The major things we have focused while compiling this list was the design, illumination, type of keyboards and the cost of the gaming keyboard. Moreover, online reviews of the product were taken quite seriously in order to compile a list that helps you to choose the best gaming keyboard in the market.

Best Gaming Keyboard 2019

1. Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB

Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Reviews

Logitech has always been delivering high-quality products that keep the customers satisfied. With this gaming keyboard, it manages to keep the high-end quality of its products and its reputation quite high. The Logitech G910 Orion Spark is a state-of-the-art gaming keyboard that delivers and provides the necessary requirements that a hardcore gamer needs. It is a lightweight keyboard, weighs around a pound, that has a huge footprint to deliver the utmost gaming experience.

With customizable RGB colours from a palette of over 16 million colours, this gaming keyboard remains in high demand all throughout the year. The Logitech gaming software also helps the gamer to experience synchronized lighting and key commands. Furthermore, the ARX control app has been a gold mine for gamers. It helps to access the in-game data through one’s smartphone or tablet so that the game doesn’t get interrupted.

This is the world’s fastest RGB mechanical keyboard so far. This is achieved with the help of the super-fast Romer-G mechanical switches. Plus, the keyboard is very compact that outshines other gaming keyboards due to its easy customisation accessibilities and large key caps. This keyboard requires an internet connection in order to download the software and can be used in a system having Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later and the Mac OSX. And it needs a 70 MB disk storage space in order to run.

Due to the trusted brand, this keyboard is a trustworthy friend for a gamer that delivers a top performance every time. The mechanical keys on this gaming keyboard have been quite revolutionary because of their faster actuation and high durability. The gaming keyboard looks and feels magnificent. This version is an upgraded version of the Orion Spectrum. To make the gamer more comfortable, it comes with a palm rest and also quick access media controls so that the gamer can easily pause, play, skip etc. as per his/her convenience.


  • Mechanical keys allow for 25% faster actuation speed
  • Consists of two different sized palm rests
  • Unique and superior UI of keyboard, allows for customization
  • ARX control app accesses in-game data without interrupting the game


  • Key space is less compared to other Logitech keyboards
  • Keyboard’s lighting system develops problems after a prolonged use

Overall, this gaming keyboard is a powerhouse. With its highly customizable and overloaded functions, the Logitech G910 is a beast. It is the perfect gaming keyboard for a serious gamer and is definitely one of the best gaming keyboards out there.


2. Redragon KUMARA 87 Key LED RGB

Redragon KUMARA RGB Gaming Keyboard Reviews

The Redragon keyboards have been one of the best budget keyboards I the market. With their durable and low-cost build, the keyboards have been quite cheap compared to the keyboards of the other companies in the market. 

The Kumara 87 key LED RGB is a high-quality gaming keyboard that delivers on all the fronts for a gamer. These mechanical keys help make the keyboard much more durable. It comes with mechanical keys that are built in a way such that the gamer can achieve a greater rate of response.

Furthermore; it comes with a brilliant backlit function that helps the gamer to play and use the keyboard quite easily in the dark. There are 5 different lighting modes and brightness levels that can easily be customized by the user. The double shot injection molded keycaps and high-end switches make this keyboard a real steal in the market.

The keyboard is quite self-sufficient in itself without much more additional requirements. It is quite compact and has a standard design and look. It is easily compatible with the latest OS and is quite light. It is designed in such a way that it can save desktop space and also be used in a professional environment.

The Aircraft grade aluminium helps in providing a sturdy and solid base for this extraordinary keyboard. There are 12 multimedia keys in order to suffice the requirements of the gamer. The main and exciting thing about this keyboard is because of its look and design; it can be used as either a working keyboard or a gaming keyboard. This keyboard is really packed with outstanding features.

The only major problem is that if it is compared to its high-end competitors, it falls short. But it is quite an extraordinary keyboard for the price it is sold. It is a proper mechanical keyboard that comes with a gold-plated corrosion free USB cable that is designed especially for a long-term use.


  • Mechanical keys allow for high speed of response and prolonged use
  • Customizable backlit function allows for 5 different lighting modes and brightness levels
  • Raised keys for ease of use
  • Compact, light and portable design


  • Response speed slows down after prolonged use
  • Customer service is not the best available
  • Designs and raised keys feel inconsistent and not smooth

This keyboard is definitely a snatch because of its price range and the functions it provides. It certainly is the best gaming keyboard within its price range.


3. Logitech G213

Logitech G213 Reviews

The prodigy series keyboard from Logitech has been a customer favourite for quite a while. It is an in-budget keyboard that helps in delivering high performances like a high-end keyboard can.  The keys are 4x faster in response compared to other normal keyboards. The backlit illumination function doesn’t disappoint either.

With over 16 million colours to choose from the palette, the lighting function is easily customisable and can be set according to one’s preference. Due to its large footprint, the keyboard also serves very well for coders. The large footprint helps the coders to maintain a high speed and accuracy. The Logitech Software is user-friendly and highly dependable. It works smoothly on all the latest operating software. 

Furthermore, the keyboard comes with a spill-proof membrane so that the gamer can continue battling it out even while having a drink or so. And to enhance the experience, the keyboard comes with G LIGHTSYNC technology that is completely game driven.

This product is basically built to last long. The material is highly durable and is the perfect keyboard to buy without breaking one’s bank. The keyboard has a high back and built in such a way that the users find it very comfortable to use.

Moreover, the function key setup in this keyboard is truly exquisite. Coupled with the dedicated media control, this keyboard is really a star player for any budgetary setup. This keyboard does remain in high demand throughout the year because of its economical price level and brand name. One of the best gaming keyboards in the market, this keyboard can be easily used for coding purposes too.


  • Consistent in performance
  • Budget friendly
  • Comfortable and smooth wrist rest
  • Big footprint for ease of use


  • Caps/ins keys cannot be disabled
  • Comparably slower speed of response of keys
  • Design made of plastic, which can be aesthetically unappealing

If you are looking out for in-budget gaming keyboard that fulfils all the requirements of an amateur gamer then this keyboard can turn to be the best possible option.



 CORSAIR K55 RGB Reviews

Corsair is another company that boasts of producing high-end products in the market. The K55 RGB is one such keyboard from Corsair that doesn’t disappoint at all. It is a high-quality product that remains in high demand in the market. It is one of the perfect keyboards out there for starting gamers. Gamers who have just started out will benefit highly form this particular gaming keyboards. The three-zone RGB backlighting with 10+ preconfigured vivid RGB allows you to choose between either a multicolour static background or an immersive lighting effect experience.

The Keyboard is quite durable and can be used for a long time. The added benefit is the detachable wrist rest that comes with the keyboard. It can be easily removed if the user doesn’t prefer it.

The Keyboard is compatible with Windows Vista and above and needs USB 2.0 ports to work. The matte black finish and standard gaming keyboard built look quite good on the gaming keyboard. But the major drawback is that it contains membrane keyboard which is a big let-down in a market being flooded with mechanical keyboards.

With Anti Ghosting features and minimum noise factor, this keyboard is definitely a highly regarded product in the market. All in all, it is a great product within the price range. Even though it does have its shortcomings but within the price range, it serves as an excellent gaming keyboard that can be used for quite a long time.

So overall this is a highly user-friendly keyboard that is highly recommended for the new gamers or coders out there. It is an economical gaming keyboard that doesn’t require a person to break his bank in order to buy it. It comes with a perfect setup and doesn’t require a lot of upgradation. All in all, it is budgetary gaming keyboard that satisfies all the basic needs of a serious gamer.


  • Gamer can set the backlit function as one, two or a set of different colours
  • Highly responsive membrane keys
  • User-friendly and smooth keyboard software


  • The built is completely plastic
  • Membrane keys fall short compared to mechanical keys
  • Backlit colour and illumination function are lacking

Even though it is quite economical and comes with a lot of features but compared to other in-budget gaming keyboards it falls short. Plus, the use of membrane keyboard is quite a let-down.



GSKILL RIPJAWS RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Reviews

G.Skill Company has been involved in developing products that help the gamers to increase their overall experience of gaming for quite a while. The Ripjaws KM780 RGB is one such keyboard. It is a top of the line keyboard that is highly recommended for serious gamers. The Cherry MX brown keys help increase the speed, reaction time and the durability of the keys.

There are on board profile storages which help the gamers to switch quite easily between the different profiles. There are 6 macro dedicated macro keys that suffice those needs. Plus the macros can be easily recorded with the inbuilt function present in the KM780.

Furthermore, the dedicated media keys are reliable and quite easy to use. It helps the gamer to control his media quite easily without getting interrupted. And to further enhance the experience, the keyboard comes with 10 extra red and grooved keycaps so as to mark and highlight the keys that the user deems to be important.

It is a high-priced keyboard that overdoes on the designing part. The keyboard is quite tacky and doesn’t have a very sturdy built. Even though the colourful RGB feature is quite exquisite but overall it pales when compared to other high-priced keyboards.

The gaming keyboard comes with a unique mouse cable holder that can be folded according to the user’s preference. It does run on all windows operating system but has severe problems regarding the software. And another negative point is that the keyboard is quite heavy.

This gaming keyboard is packed with features and helps in providing the topmost gaming experience to the user. The features like full RGB lighting control, on the fly macro recording, the die-cast volume wheel and the complete software support makes this keyboard a real player in the market.


  • Cherry MX brown keys have anti-ghosting and high-speed reaction timing properties
  • The RIPJAWS KM780 is sturdy and durable
  • The braided cable provides a secure and stable connection
  • The dedicated media keys and volume roller is quite efficient


  • Keyboard is on the costly side
  • Macro programming is not very responsive
  • Pass-through is not suitable for different types of mouse

The RIPJAWS KM780 cannot be regarded as the finest gaming keyboard out there in the market but it has a lot of features and functions that makes it a suitable buy for gamer. Still much better gaming keyboards are available in the market.


6. Ajazz AK33 Geek RGB

Ajazz AK33 Geek RGB Gaming Keyboard Reviews

The Ajazz AK33 Geek is a budgetary gaming keyboard that can serve a lot of purposes while maintaining the high quality of standard. To minimise the size of the keyboard, it comes with a unique layout that limits its dimension to 12.2 x 4.72 inch. This layout helps in minimising the size so that it can be easily carried around and can be used for purposes other than gaming. The minimum size helps in saving a lot of desk space too.

 Despite being cheap, it feels like a high-quality product that can deliver high-quality performances and experience. Switches aren’t as good as Cherry MX but the overall outlook and functioning make up for it. Keycaps could be nicer to the touch but due to the smooth built of the keys, they are quite slippery and are not as good if compared to the other keyboards on the list. Detachable cable at this price is a real plus point for this keyboard. 

The major plus point other than the detachable cable is the smooth RGB backlit and lightning function of the keyboard. There are a lot of combinations from which the user can choose from. It is easily customisable and can be set according to the requirements of the user. If the user prefers static colour, he or she can choose that function over the interlaying multicolour lighting function and vice versa.

The major plus point of this keyboard is that it runs on all operating systems including Linux. And dedicated software and 82 keys N-Key rollover just add even more value to this in-budget gaming keyboard. The mini USB port is also an important element of the keyboard. It helps in linking up other accessories without interrupting the flow of the game. And the best feature is the professional control chip and the macro editing function of the software. All in all, this is a great keyboard that punches way above its weight.


  • One of the best budget gaming keyboards
  • Allows for easy storing and placement
  • Easily customisable RGB function
  • Can be used for purposes other than gaming


  • Switches cannot be replaced due to integrated RGB function
  • Aesthetically unfinished back of the keyboard
  • Keycaps can be difficult to find

This gaming keyboard is one of the best in-budget gaming keyboards on the market. It is a highly durable and well-reviewed keyboard that we highly recommend.


7. Corsair Strafe Mechanical

Ajazz AK33 Geek RGB Gaming Keyboard Reviews

One of the powerhouse keyboards in the budgetary price range is the Corsair Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The 100 per cent Cherry MX key switches are the perfect mechanical keys that help the gamers to improve their in-game reaction time and of course help them achieve the edge over their competition.

The backlit feature of this keyboard is quite exquisite. It a brilliant red backlighting that can be adjusted according to the requirements of the user. The anti-ghosting function with over 104 key rollovers helps the users to register the keys regardless of the speed they are typing or working it in. 

The keyboard is completely programmable and the keys can be assigned as per the user’s needs. The Corsair Utility Engine Software is highly user-friendly software that helps the user to customise the keyboard according to their requirements. A secure internet connection is required in order to install the software.

The keyboard has quite a ravishing and stylish look to it. The red backlit adds to the flair of it. Compared to some other keyboards on the list, this keyboard is light and compact and can be carried around quite easily. And it works on all Windows OS Vista and higher.

The easy access multimedia keys are built in a way such that the user can skim through his/her library with ease and can control it to his desire. Furthermore, to enhance the experience, Corsair has provided with textured and contoured keycaps in order to enhance the grip and feel of the keys.

It is a great keyboard that ticks off all the necessary needs of a gamer. It is perfect for long hours of gaming and the built-in USB pass-through is perfect in order to avoid interruption while gaming. Overall it is a high-quality keyboard that is highly recommendable.


  • The keys can be removed and adjusted easily
  • Durable keyboard requiring very low maintenance
  • Backlit and illumination function can be to the user’s needs


  • Keyboard not provided with a wrist rest
  • Keyboard won’t function without a software
  • Room for improvement of key space

This keyboard does deliver high performance and is perfect for any gamer but there are some glaring problems in the keyboard that needs to be solved. But overall it is a great in-budget keyboard that is highly recommended for a buy.


8. SteelSeries Apex M750

SteelSeries Apex RGB Review

The SteelSeries is another one of the numerous companies that have entered the market in order to satisfy the needs of the gaming community. The SteelSeries Company is a company that deals with high quality and high-end products that provides a high-quality gaming experience to its users.  The Apex M750 is one such keyboard. It is a high-quality player in the market that remains in high demand throughout the season. The plus points of the keyboard are its Prism RGB lighting system and the customisable engine software.

One of the most attractive factors of this keyboard is the personalization options that are available through the SteelSeries Engine Software. Another attractive function of the keyboard is the exclusive SteelSeries GameSense reactive illumination. The user can set it according to his requirements. The SteelSeries is quite well known for its responsive illumination factors. The gamer can set so that it responds to the gaming action.

The keyboard’s frame is made out of a high-quality aluminum metal alloy which is extremely durable. The black matte finish adds to the high quality of the keyboard.  Furthermore, the QX2 mechanical keys are a force to behold. They help in increasing the response time and also help the keys in avoiding wearing down due to prolonged usage. The company guarantees over 50 million key presses.

The most important aspect is that the keyboard has a big footprint. It has a dimension of 6 x 17.9 x 1.8 inches and is very well laid out. The keys are not very compact and make the user feel quite free while using it. And the keyboard is quite compatible with Windows Vista and upwards. Moreover, the CloudSync and the in-game control integration does add to the value of this keyboard.

Overall, the keyboard is a state-of-the-art product that doesn’t fall short of delivering a high-quality experience at all. It is a high-end product that ranks highly in the gaming department. If you want a great gaming experience and doesn’t mind shelling out for it, then this gaming keyboard is the perfect purchase for you.


  • Impressive non-ghosting function and the response speed
  • The SteelSeries Engine Software is one of the best out there in the market
  • Consists of customizable Discord Chat integration


  • Keyboard is quite costly compared to other keyboards on the list
  • Backlit function isn’t bright or impressive
  • The keyboard is not water resistant

This is one of the most user-friendly gaming keyboards on the market. Even though the price of the keyboard is a bit steep, the functions and attributes it provides make it up for it.


9. CODE 104-Key Illuminated

CODE 104 Key Illuminated Review

One of the most solid keyboards out there, the CODE 104 key illuminated keyboard is a great keyboard that delivers a solid performance all over. With white LED backlighting, this keyboard is built in such a way that it remains highly durable and requires low maintenance. The Cherry MX mechanical keys help in providing a top of the line experience for the user. It consists of built-in cable channels, leading out of the back of the middle and to each side, along with a detachable and hefty cable. Although it is not braided, the buyer can easily buy a replacement.

The backlit function of the keyboard is quite minimalist as it provides a subtle lighting experience and falls short when compared to other keyboards but compared to the complex RGB customisation, the illumination in this keyboard is quite sharp and easy to use. Other than that, one of the most promising functions of the keyboard is the Rapid Fire Switches. It not only helps to increase the actuation speed but also brings the noise of the keys down a whole lot.

The design is quite elegant and gives a look of professionalism. Due to this design, it can be easily used in a workspace. Furthermore, it serves for all different kinds of purposes like gaming, work etc. The keyboard has a dimension of 17.5 x 5.6 x 1.2 inches which is quite compact and can be transported quite easily and also helps you save a lot of desktop space.

The major problem with the keyboard is that the paint over the keys starts wearing off after prolonged use. This makes it quite difficult make out the characters and the figures present on them. Overall it is a solid aesthetically pleasing keyboard but compared to other keyboards on the list it falls way short. But it is a great buy for users who have multiple requirements from the keyboard and are ready to shell out a hefty amount.


  • Super sleek and easy to carry around
  • Increased reaction time with the Cherry MX
  • The keyboard has a sturdy build and is highly durable


  • The keys reverberate and are noisy
  • The print on the keys starts wearing off after a while
  • At 3 pounds, the keyboard is quite heavy

Now you might be wondering if it is the best gaming keyboard in the market? According to our critical review of the product, it is definitely not. This keyboard can be definitely used for a lot of other services due to its classy look and design but for the price, it is better to look for an alternative.




The Corsair Company seldom disappoints. Another entrant on the list from the highly rated company is the K70 Rapidfire. Highly regarded as one of the best gaming keyboards out there, this product is a deliverer of high performance coupled with great functions and style. It is the company’s fastest mechanical keyboard. The Cherry MX mechanical keys provide high-quality performance overall. It helps in providing an increase reaction speed and 100 per cent anti-ghosting property. Moreover, the keyboard comes with replaceable keycaps that can further the gaming experience. To help with the replaceable keycaps, the company provides a key puller so that the user can replace the normal keycaps with textured grip ones.

 The Corsair K70 Rapidfire is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows Vista. The keyboard is quite compact and can be carried around quite easily. Plus it helps in saving desktop space. One more amazing factor about this keyboard is the highly durable aircraft grade anodized brushed aluminium frame that helps the keyboard to remain in shape and use for a long period of time.

The keyboard has a dimension of 17.6 x 6.7 x 1.57 inches and weighs around 3 pounds which is quite a little bit on the heavier side. But the major let down of this is that the keys are very loud compared to the other keyboards on the list. 

Overall it is a power packed monster gaming keyboard that exhibits great quality and also helps in increasing the overall gaming experience of the gamer. The macro programming enabled by the powerful Corsair Utility Engine is one of the best out there on the market. It is really a great product that certainly delivers a high-quality gaming experience. The macro programming enabled by the powerful Corsair Utility Engine is one of the best out there on the market.


  • RGB can be customized and set according to the user’s preference
  • Well-built and sturdy keyboard allowing for minimal damage
  • Detachable wrist set for comfort and prolonged use


  • The keyboard is a costlier than most
  • Loud switches
  • Keyboard’s lighting and backlit function isn’t the best

Our final word on this keyboard is that compared to the other keyboards on the list, this keyboard falls short even though it is a well-built keyboard with highly customizable functions. But looking at the cost and the overall evaluation of the product, this may not be the best gaming keyboard available in the market.


Gaming keyboards are one of the best gaming products in the market that help to increase the gaming experience and ability of the gamer. It also helps in improving the performance of the gamer over a period of time. With its inbuilt functions, it is a must-have for all the gamers.

The above-listed gaming keyboards are top of the line gaming keyboards that rightly serve their purpose. These gaming keyboards have truly lived up to their hype and continue to dominate the gaming scenario. In conclusion, the gaming keyboards have become a high priority for any gamer out there.  In order to experience an enthralling and exciting gaming experience, the gaming keyboard is definitely a must.

The Buying Guide You Should Know Before Buying a Gaming Keyboard

There are certain factors that the buyer must keep in mind in order to get the best gaming keyboard in the market. The major factor is that the buyer should not get easily swayed away by the advertisements and the generic promotional offers that the companies offer. The first important thing is that the buyer should conduct a proper research before buying the gaming keyboard in order to determine whether the product meets his or her requirements or not. Other than these, the factors that the buyer needs to decide on before buying the gaming keyboard are:


The most important factor in determining the budget the buyer has to buy the gaming keyboard. There are different types of gaming keyboards available in the market. If the buyer needs a budgetary keyboard, then there are several options available to him/her. Meaning that the budget will help determine the type of gaming keyboard he can acquire. The most important thing to remember is that there are several viable options available and the user doesn’t have to go breaking his bank for a keyboard.

The Dilemma of choosing between Mechanical keyboards and Membrane keyboards:

The most important discussion in this area is whether to go for a membrane keyboard or a mechanical one. Membrane keyboards are not quite durable and work by running an electrical charge through plastic membranes. Compared to that the mechanical ones are built on the influence of the typewriter. They are highly durable and have a mechanical switch under each key. Mechanical keyboards have become quite popular due to these qualities plus they are more responsive compared to the membrane keyboards. There is a considerable price difference between the types, mechanical being costlier, but it all comes down to the user and his preference.

Ordinary Backlit illumination or a fully customisable RGB?

The developments in the gaming keyboard have been quite extraordinary. The different illumination options are a really great idea to increase the overall gaming experience. There are usually three types available in the market: No illumination, one colour illumination and RGB; RGB being the most in-demand one in the current scenario. Each version has a different price range. The user must select the version he will be most comfortable to play with.

Types of Keyboards:

As mentioned earlier there are different types of keyboards that are available in the market. The user has to properly research the different types and select the one that is the most feasible to him/her. The different types of keyboards available are:

  • MMO keyboard
  • All-purpose models
  • Tenkeyless models
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